Gardening and a Time to Recharge….

Many people close to me know my love for gardening and most likely many others do not know that I spend my weekends on the cape working in my garden and on the common gardens around my home. I am fortunate in that my neighbors also share my love for gardening.   To me it is about the design, the science/soil composition and most importantly a time to recharge from the workweek. My work on the cape garden started by creating usable - Read More

STA 1 Year Check-Up

It’s been just over a year since we moved into our new offices at 125 Broad Street – (have you not visited us yet, what are you waiting for?!). Now that we have truly settled into our space, it is time for us to give ourselves a 1-year checkup. How is our space working out?   Our goal with our office space, as with every project we design, is to create a space where people are happy, healthy, productive, and supported – these - Read More

Ski in Waltham

I love snow. The silence it brings with its acoustical deadening is beautiful. For a short period of time, before melting, plowing and shoveling, it can be picturesque. After the last big storm, a friend and I decided that hiking would be a good way to get out and enjoy the coverage. We chose a local spot called Prospect Park. As it turns out, the park used to be a small ski area complete with “T” bar tow cables to - Read More


Growing up in a suburban, borderline rural area, I have a particular love for nature. I recently read an article about "biophilia", a love of life and the living world and/or the affinity of human beings for other life forms. It's interesting to think about how people are affected differently by this phenomenon. Many people ask me why I don't live in the city? My answer is that I am drawn to nature and enjoy being able to go hiking, - Read More

Magic Gardens

On a recent trip to Philadelphia I had the chance to visit the Magic Gardens, and as a former “art kid” I was in complete awe. Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is a non-profit art museum and gallery spanning a block and a half on South Street. The Magic Gardens is an indoor and outdoor gallery showcasing and preserving the breathtaking work of Isaiah Zagar. Zagar created a continuous mosaic that spans across the floors, walls and ceilings throughout the interior museum - Read More

The forming of an Architect

While attending architecture school, an architecture student is always faced with the question as to why they want to be an architect. The most common answer that I can remember hearing from my peers as well as myself is that they enjoyed building with Legos as a child.   Spending this past Christmas with my son and watching him open all of his gifts made me realize how the majority of a boy’s toys are geared towards construction and design (and little - Read More

Happy New Year from STA

2016 has been quite a year!   For STA, 2016 has been one to remember. In January, we moved into our new space at 125 Broad Street. We love our new office and our new neighborhood – so great to be in the heart of Boston! The design of the new space is fabulous, if we do say so ourselves! The space became our “home” immediately – if you have not come to visit us yet, what are you waiting for? Consider - Read More

Design Museum Foundation’s Workplace Innovation Summit

On November 3, I had the great opportunity to participate in Design Museum Foundation’s first annual Workplace Innovation Summit. The event took place at the Innovation and Design Building, and was attended by designers and architects, manufacturers, real estate professionals, educators, and anyone with a shared interest in the workplace of the future. STA was proud to sponsor this event – and David, Josh, Tom, Hannah, and Andy attended as well!   img_9520Read More

Updating An Old Home With Wireless Tech.

I recently bought my first house. And though I say it's the most PERFECT home! — there are a few tweaks I want make to it, particularly with the light switches. A new home means getting used to new habits. I just couldn't remember to turn off that front porch light off every morning! My home was built in 1920 and the old single pole wiring wouldn't allow me to put in a daily timer - not without rewiring all - Read More


Having just spent a vacation at Disney World, I was amazed at the extremes that Walt Disney went to make it the "Happiest Place on Earth." I was manipulated into happiness without even knowing it and this was not the only time. maxresdefault Take this photo for instance: one of the the most iconic views, 20th Century, small town America and a beautiful Castle in the distance. - Read More

Papa’s Old Tools in a New Built Environment

I recently went to the Midwest to pick up some of my 82-year-old father’s workshop tools. He is a fascinating man. He spent his professional life as an electrical engineer, and his personal one as a carpenter. We’ve never agreed on politics or shared a common view on current affairs, but our bond runs true about the built environment. I am currently building a workshop in Boston. This workshop will undoubtedly pale in comparison to the size and breadth of - Read More

Art for All

Even when you grow up in a metropolis like Sao Paulo City (SPC) in Brazil, current population estimated to be 11 million people, you tend to develop behavioral patterns like any other teenager. For example, I remember leaving school with friends and looking for that cool hang-out spot.   Although my siblings and I were born and raised in SPC, my parents are from Paraguacu Paulista, a small town 300 miles west of the capital, current population estimated to be 40 thousand people. - Read More