My STA Internship & Website Redesign

As the summer quickly comes to an end, I am going to use this blog as a chance to reflect on my summer internship experience at STA. Before I begin, I want to thank Tom, Felice and David for giving me this amazing opportunity and I want to thank the entire STA team for welcoming me with open arms. My experience this summer was incredible; I have learned more about myself over these past three months, - Read More

Seeing Through Monet’s Eyes: What He (and We) Saw, and What He Painted

On a recent trip to Paris, we took a side trip to Giverny, Claude Monet’s home and gardens, and his sources of inspiration of many of his works that we know so well. I have always marveled at his impressionist technique, creating magical and moving images with abstract brush strokes and an extraordinary use of color. I wanted to see what he saw, to see what inspired this artistic beauty.

Our journey started with a train trip - Read More


Forest Pruning

Recently, I helped my parents maintain their property in Beverly, MA. My dad has, in the last few years changed careers from Cabinet Maker to Landscaper, and my mom, while maintaining a career in Early Childhood care, has also become a backyard gardener selling her “crop” at the local farmers market. Each of them have a great knowledge of plants based on their experience of owning properties, and now their daily jobs. Lucky for me, they are also exceptional (and - Read More

Miniature Gardens

As designers, we sometimes need to take a step back from the larger picture and look at the finer details. It is important to look at overall spaces and much larger areas, but from time to time it’s fun to take it to a smaller scale (or a made up one!).

A few weeks ago, I spent some time with my mom creating miniature fairy gardens and it was fun to change the perspective in which it comes - Read More


The top 8 list of how to get that interview

STA is currently hiring! I've been reviewing resumes and portfolios and I thought these tips might be helpful for people looking to work in a design firm. As a result of our many years of hiring and looking at resumes, portfolios, and cover letters, here is a top 8 list of how to get that interview at any firm you may be interested in. Some of our frequent readers of this blog might recognize this post I wrote back in 2014.   1. - Read More

Boston Unlocked #CB17

This past weekend I attended Common Boston’s Annual Weekend Festival on Architecture and Design. Every year the two-day festival aims to connect the public with designers by offering free “open-house” access to many different sites around the city. This year the festivities launched with their traditional dParty, held at the BSA Space in Downtown Boston. The space was full of really awesome models and photographs currently on display for “The New Inflatable Moment” exhibit. This exhibit explores the resurgence of - Read More

Analyze Boston with GIS Data

The City of Boston recently launched its new Analyze Boston website. This new open data portal provides access to a series of data sets previously unavailable to the general public.

The portal offers access to data sets in sixteen different topics. Some includes Facilities, Finance, Economy, Education, Environment, Transportation and Geospatial (https://data.boston.gov/group).

An opportunity arose for us to use some of this data. Particularly helpful was the Geospatial data. The City provides a series of Geospatial data sets that when combined together - Read More

Buildings that Inspire Us!

At a recent Living Lab, the STA team shared buildings and spaces that inspire us – here are some of our favorites!   Nate Architect: Glenn Murcutt.   “Glenn Murcutt's work is inspiring because of its depth.  His buildings exemplify a deep understanding of their site, both culturally and environmentally, and yet they are extremely functional and practical designs.  The houses he designs are built like sailboats in the way that you must work them by opening and closing screens, and paying attention to the - Read More

Las Pozas: Concrete Surrealism

Have you ever heard of Las Pozas [The Pools, in Spanish]? I have just added it to my list of dream trips. And, I am afraid that by the end of this blog, you will too. In 1947, Edward James, an eccentric English patron of the Surrealism Culture movement found in Xilitla, a town in the state of San Luis Potosí, in central Mexico, a place to call home. In the middle of a subtropical rainforest, surrounded by waterfalls and natural - Read More

Gardening and a Time to Recharge….

Many people close to me know my love for gardening and most likely many others do not know that I spend my weekends on the cape working in my garden and on the common gardens around my home. I am fortunate in that my neighbors also share my love for gardening.   To me it is about the design, the science/soil composition and most importantly a time to recharge from the workweek. My work on the cape garden started by creating usable - Read More

STA 1 Year Check-Up

It’s been just over a year since we moved into our new offices at 125 Broad Street – (have you not visited us yet, what are you waiting for?!). Now that we have truly settled into our space, it is time for us to give ourselves a 1-year checkup. How is our space working out?   Our goal with our office space, as with every project we design, is to create a space where people are happy, healthy, productive, and supported – these - Read More

Ski in Waltham

I love snow. The silence it brings with its acoustical deadening is beautiful. For a short period of time, before melting, plowing and shoveling, it can be picturesque. After the last big storm, a friend and I decided that hiking would be a good way to get out and enjoy the coverage. We chose a local spot called Prospect Park. As it turns out, the park used to be a small ski area complete with “T” bar tow cables to - Read More