“Boston’s Underground Routes” – A Gingerbread Story

It all started with a theme. The BSA Foundation hosts an annual Gingerbread Design Competition that seeks donations to help support their programs. The theme this year was "Innovations and Firsts" celebrating 150 years of Boston as a hub of innovation. What is this city actually known for? Disposable razors didn't sound like it would translate into an awe-inspiring creation. We talked about the big dig and the transition from elevated highway, to construction, to park, all in one but - Read More

Utopian Cities

It’s the end of 2017 and I’m reflecting on highlights of the past year. Of particular interest, and worthwhile of sharing here on this blog, is an African artist named Bodys Isek Kingelez (1948-2015). Felice and I came across his breathtaking work at an exhibition at the Fondation Louis Vuitton Museum in Paris. In 1985 Kingelez began building amazing utopian architectural models of dream cities. Trained as an artist, Kingelez worked as a restorer of tribal masks at - Read More

Culture and Wellness in the (Small) Workplace

This piece was written by Felice Silverman, for the Design Museum Foundation Blog. Design Museum is a nomadic museum of all things design, whose mission is to educate the world on the role of design in our lives and to unite the community in ways that enrich our collective work, make businesses more competitive, and solve real-world problems more creatively. Felice is a member of Design Museum's Workplace Innovation Think Tank.

By Felice Silverman, Principal, Silverman Trykowski - Read More


Tech Age

The technology world is very exciting and ever evolving. I recently learned about “Tech Tats”, a new technology that is evolving the healthcare industry and potentially other industries. The temporary tattoos can read your temperature, know if you are sick, and even notify your doctor that you need to come in to see them. What is amazing about these temporary tattoos is that they can work for anyone and could potentially be used to track illnesses that - Read More

Underground Ink

In early September Boston opened it’s newest park. Located at 90 Traveler Street, beneath an I-93 overpass and between the neighborhoods of South End and South Boston. The project is an extension of the massive Ink Block complex just a few feet away. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation spent $8.5 million in the revitalization of what otherwise would be an unused space.         The grand opening took place September 9th, and was sponsored by - Read More

New doors on an old house!

This summer marked the first full year in my new home. I finally got around to changing out the two front doors. When I bought the house one of the original doors was replaced with a modern insulated fiberglass door. The other door was the original 1920s solid wood six lite door with dentil detail. I shopped around for months looking for a match. I visited every antique store in Boston including Restoration Resources on Washington Street.
Finally I caved in and decided to - Read More


Even before becoming a designer, I have always been intrigued by the nuances between art and architecture. As I learned more about the two, I understood how one could exist without the other. For instance, one could say that there is not much art in the design of a Home Depot building. Similarly, someone may not see much architecture in Pollock’s abstract expressionism. However, I invite you to see what happens when they actually come together, intentionally.

Recently, I - Read More


Minimalism 101

Every day we are bombarded with information, some of which is valuable; but a lot of it simply clutters our mind and life. Now, I am not sure if any of you struggle with filtering the clutter / noise in their life, but I know I struggle with it every day. From unsubscribing to all the unwanted emails that clog my inbox, to keeping my closet organized, to choosing the healthiest option at the grocery store.   This past January, my New - Read More

Cars and Gardens

In addition to gardening, one of my other loves is classic cars.  On a recent visit to the Heritage museum I got a good dose of both.

The heritage museum, in Sandwich Massachusetts, was the original family farm of the Wing Family. They originally resided on the farm in 1677,  and it was passed through generations of that family until it was sold to the Dexter family in 1921 when it was then known as Shawme Farm.Read More


My STA Internship & Website Redesign

As the summer quickly comes to an end, I am going to use this blog as a chance to reflect on my summer internship experience at STA. Before I begin, I want to thank Tom, Felice and David for giving me this amazing opportunity and I want to thank the entire STA team for welcoming me with open arms. My experience this summer was incredible; I have learned more about myself over these past three months, - Read More

Seeing Through Monet’s Eyes: What He (and We) Saw, and What He Painted

On a recent trip to Paris, we took a side trip to Giverny, Claude Monet’s home and gardens, and his sources of inspiration of many of his works that we know so well. I have always marveled at his impressionist technique, creating magical and moving images with abstract brush strokes and an extraordinary use of color. I wanted to see what he saw, to see what inspired this artistic beauty.

Our journey started with a train trip - Read More


Forest Pruning

Recently, I helped my parents maintain their property in Beverly, MA. My dad has, in the last few years changed careers from Cabinet Maker to Landscaper, and my mom, while maintaining a career in Early Childhood care, has also become a backyard gardener selling her “crop” at the local farmers market. Each of them have a great knowledge of plants based on their experience of owning properties, and now their daily jobs. Lucky for me, they are also exceptional (and - Read More