Building Repositioning & Restoration

We approach Building Repositioning as an opportunity to breathe new life into buildings in support of our client’s business models and financial goals and the neighboring community. We take pride in increasing a building’s value, repurposing it for current and profitable uses, and repositioning it in the marketplace. We are able to reinvent a building through façade restoration, renovation or addition, as well as interior planning, space use analyses and BOMA leasing models.


We begin by engaging our clients in a dialogue about the design intent with regard to preservation or reinterpretation within the building’s context, and explore opportunities for design solutions within the desired direction. Our process includes a detailed analysis of existing building conditions such as building code and zoning, city and neighborhood approvals processes, building operations/ systems and related energy use, handicap accessibility, and aesthetics. Once these conditions are fully understood we lead a design process that adds value by offering appropriate design solutions with a substantial return on investment.