We approach the design of spaces for healthcare with one primary goal – the care and healing of a patient. And we recognize that there are many people who share that goal, including doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, facilities and maintenance engineers, and of course the families, caregivers and the patient themselves. Our job is to enable the healing process by creating spaces that address the many factors in a healthcare environment – we improve work-flow and efficiency for caregivers, use materials that are safe, cleanable and sustainable, and create environments using colors, finishes and interior elements that are known to be positive healing factors based on evidence based design research.


We also recognize that healthcare is a business, and that brand recognition and cost control are important factors in sustaining the successful healthcare business. We are experts at balancing these sometime diverging requirements by providing a holistic full-service design approach using all of our areas of expertise, including feasibility planning, project management, architectural and interior design, project management, construction coordination, move management, furniture specification and medical equipment procurement, IT coordination and wayfinding.