Planning & Research

Our approach to planning is to help our clients rethink and envision options at the outset of their project. Whether the goal is to study workplace performance, energy usage, furniture and materials standards, or the master plan of a city’s cultural district, we approach every project with open eyes and ears. Our process begins as a research effort by clearly defining the problem. We then explore precedent and analyze the relevant variables to understand best practice. From there research and innovation continue throughout the project with the goal of finding unique solutions for our client.


An aspect of our continued research comes from our involvement in design competitions. We look at competitions as a way to propose new concepts and ideas, and to explore beyond the parameters of a “real” project. We think beyond, and this helps us to envision out of the box options in our daily work.
We are teachers, and maintain a spirit of education in the office. Each week an STA team member writes a blog post, and presents at a “living lab”, a forum for exploring a variety of inspirational topics related to design. We share our research with the community via our website and social media pages and invite your feedback.