Utopian Cities

It’s the end of 2017 and I’m reflecting on highlights of the past year. Of particular interest, and worthwhile of sharing here on this blog, is an African artist named Bodys Isek Kingelez (1948-2015). Felice and I came across his breathtaking work at an exhibition at the Fondation Louis Vuitton Museum in Paris. In 1985 Kingelez began building amazing utopian architectural models of dream cities.

Trained as an artist, Kingelez worked as a restorer of tribal masks at the National Museum of Kinshasa while a student. Inspired by his desire to contribute to the future of Africa through art, he devoted his whole life to the development of these wonderful buildings and cities. While none of these buildings or spaces were constructed, the models themselves evoke joyful spaces and I found myself smiling at the wonderful architecture and spaces created. This exhibition was a fortunate surprise to encounter and I encourage you to learn more about Bodys Isek Kingelez and hope you enjoy these images.

  • David